Lieferant für Maschinenbau und Automobilindustrie

For Electrical Technicians

Your situation and expectations:
No time and less ressources for projects
Need for fast and independent solutions
Pressure for on time delivery of machines

Lima offers fastest way:
High quality and cost effective components
Find matching product entering your old product code
All product information 100% online
Comfortable application for free samples
Easily generate an offer in pdf for purchasing

For Purchasing Managers

Your situation and expectations:
High risk of dependancy from a region after Covid19
Huge difficulty with component availability
Prices of your current suppliers are instable
Enormous pressure to find 2nd sourrces

Lima offers you a reliable partnership:
Hidden champion manufacturers
High quality and certified products and solutions
Up to 20% price advantage compared to existing solution
Stock in Germany securing product availability
Full control of prices, other users with one central admin account

For CEO and General Managers

Your expectations:
Necessity of digitalisation after Covid19
More flexibility and reliability in future crisis
Replacing baby boom generation challenges the company

Lima offers you:
Reliable business partnership
Saving costs and time with 100% digitalisation
Contact and supply chain located in Germany
More revenue with outsourcing machine projects